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Lanny Endicott was raised in Branson, Missouri, where he completed his primary and secondary education. From there he attended Missouri State University in Springfield, where he met his wife to be, Nancy McCauley. They have enjoyed 44 years of marriage.

Dr. Endicott has been a professional social worker since graduating from the University of Missouri - Columbia in 1971. As a licensed social worker in Oklahoma, he has worked as a social work educator (coming to ORU in 1973), community activist, private therapist, and workshop presenter. His wife, Nancy, retired from Tulsa Public School as a teacher in special education. Sons, Luke and Tim, are in the landscape and tree business together in Tulsa.

Suzdal, Russia


I have a strong interest in Russian child welfare, teaching Russians counseling skills through the Russian American Institute, and maintaining many friendships with Russian people.

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