SWK 303: Social Welfare Policy

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Course on Social Welfare Policy taught during the Spring semester for junior level social work majors

Syllabus for SWK 303: Social Policy, Spring 2014

Download guidelines for Policy Analysis Paper

Download Evaluation Rubric for Policy Analysis Paper e-Portfolio submmission

Download NASW ethics applied to the broader society

Oldest known Hebrew Script Links Justice to Worship (Sojourners)

What the heck is social justice: differentiating charity from social justice

Two Kinds of Charity

Social Justice: Download "OT & NT Provisions for the Poor"

Read article: Prison Industrial Complex, Eric Schlosser, Atlantic Monthly, December 1998

Fighting the US Caste Culture, interview with Michelle Alexander, Prism MagazineWinter 2014

Download "Are You on Welfare?"

Download "Understanding Poverty"

Link to "Tough Times in Oklahoma": 1 out of 5 Oklahoma children in poverty (Tulsa World, 01/11/2010)

Link to Tulsa World article on hunger in Tulsa (1 out of 5 Tulsans) and the South Tulsa Community House as one agency addressing the issue

Link to Report: only 7% of Tulsa Public Schools graduates are ready for college (Channel 6 News)

"Cities in Crisis: High School Graduation Rates" (Gates Foundation: 2008)

Silent Epidemic: High School Dropouts (for the Gates Foundation)

"Ready, Willing, & Unable to Serve" (Early Childhood Education Across American to Ensure National Security (Mission: Readiness Military Leaders for Kids)

Social Justice: Link to NPR story on the American bailbond system (Part 1) (January 21, 2010)

Social Justice: Link to NPR story on the American bailbond system (Part 2) (January 22, 2010)

Social Justice: Link to NPR story on the American bailbond system (Part 3) (January 22, 2010)

Link to Community Service Council of Tulsa

Link to Oklahoma Policy Institute

Link to US government poverty guidelines and information

Link to Sojourner: an organization articulating the biblical call to social justice

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