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Information on the Riverwood Project -Tulsa, Oklahoma: South Tulsa, 61st and Peoria area

Riverwood in South Tulsa, a community with significant challenges with regard to poverty and crime (real and perceived), has been the focus of the ORU social work program, service learning, and the university's Community Outreach Department. These university programs work with the neighborhood organization, South Peoria Neighborhood Connection Foundation, Inc., community social service agencies, governmental entities, and religious organizations to provide social services and community planning to the community.

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Power Point (.swf video) for South Peoria Neighborhood House with ORU student Katrina Harrison (Nov 13, 2008)

Student Paper: Economic Development of Riverwood, Spring 2002

Handout Paper: Making Community Change Real for Students, March 2008

Power Point (.swf video) ORU Students, Agents of Community Change: NACSW Conference, Dallas, Spring 2007

South Peoria Neighborhood Plan: Approved by Tulsa City Council, December 4, 2008 (PDF)

South Peoria Neighborhood Plan: Approved by Tulsa City Council December 4, 2008 (.swf video)

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