SWK 404: SWK Practice IV

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Senior level course with focus on practice skills for working in the community - taken during the Fall semester.

Syllabus SWK 404 Practice 4 (Fall 2013) pdf

ORU Social Work Program Core Competencies and Associated Behaviors pdf

Student involvement: Making Community Change Real for Students

Power Point (.swf video) for NASW-OK State Converence (April 2008): Making Community Change Real for Students

Senior Paper: Economic Development of Riverwood by Pollard & Boatwright

Power Point (.swf video) for Riverwood Plan Adoption presented to TMAPC Aug 27, 2008

Theoretical Framework for Community Change

Three Models of Community Organization & Typology of Purposive Community Change

Oak Rivers Simulation Exercise

Oak Rivers Simulation Exercise Discussion

Community organization simulation: Mental Health Planning

Application of Homan (4th edition) to Riverwood neighborhood

Application of Homan (5th edition) to Riverwood neighborhood

Videos play best with high speed connection. Allow video to load before playing.

Download .SWF video player (free)

Link to Heller Park Neighbors: example of grass roots neighborhood organization

Link to Tulsa World story on proactive policing

Link to Tulsa People story on crime in Tulsa <Click back button once to begin story>

Link to ORU story on student practicums at the South Peoria Neighborhood House

Link to Community Service Council (CSC) of Tulsa

Link to Tulsa Area United Way

Link to Oklahoma Policy Institute

Link to international resources of PRAXIS, UPenn, Richard Estes

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