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At the Commission on Accreditation (CSWE) meeting in June, 2011, the ORU Social Work Program's accreditation was reaffirmed until June 2019. The program has been continuously accredited since 1981. 

Flow Chart of University and Social Work Program Mission, Core Values, Goals, and Generalist Social Work Practice

ORU Social Work Promotion with NASW Social Workers Help Video (.swf video)

Student Handbook, ORU Social Work Program

Degree Plan Sheet (2012-2013)

Application to ORU SWK Program

Social Justice Minor

Practicum Manual for ORU Social Work Program

ORU Social Work Program Core Competencies and Associated Behaviors

Junior and Senior Practicums Assessment Form for Evaluating Competency Development

ORU BSW Whole Person Assessment (eportfolio) Outcomes 2010

ORU BSW Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes 2010

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ORU Social Work Accreditation Review Brief 2010 (pdf)

Volume 1: ORU Social Work Self Study 2010 (pdf)

Volume 2: ORU Social Work Self Study 2010 (pdf)

Volume 3: ORU Social Work Self Study_2010 (pdf)

Addendum to Self Study Report: ORU Social Work Program (pdf)

Addendum Attachments to Self Study Report: ORU Social Work Program (pdf)

Site Visit Report of the ORU Social Work Program_Jan 31-Feb1, 2011

CSWE Request for Progress Report_06112011

ORU Progress Report to CSWE_04012012

ORU Updated Social Work Program Practicum Manual Submitted in Progress Report to CSWE_04012012

CSWE Letter Accepting Progress Report for ORU Social Work Reaffirmation of Accreditation_06102012

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