SWK 341: Junior Practicum I (Fall)

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Dr E Info
ORU Social Work Program
Christian Counseling in Russia
Russia Child Welfare
Russia Without Orphans Conference
Social Work in Russia
Veterans Initiative
NASW-OK Workshop Presentations
Community Organization: South Peoria
Professional Self-Care
Mental Health Presentations
Child Welfare Training
Professional Links
SOC 101
SWK 303
SWK 331
SWK 341
SWK 342
SWK 404
SWK 405
SWK 420
SWK 443 - 444

Practicum I: A field practicum course (75 hours practical experience) taken during the Fall semester of the junior year for social work students.

Syllabus SWK 341 Practicum I (Fall, 2013) pdf

Social Work Program Core Competencies and Associated Behaviors pdf

Practicum Manual: Junior 341-342 and Senior 443-444 (2012-13) pdf

Practicum Assessment Form (for Practicum I evaluate competencies 1-5 and 11) pdf

Rubric to accompany the Practicum Assessment Form

Format to use for writing Weekly Logs

Practicums 1 & 2 Time Record

Instructions for writing and presenting Agency Report

Developing action plans for competency development for SWK 341: Practicum I

Action plan example 1

Action plan example 2


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