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Dr. Endicott presented at a May, 2013 conference on social work education (sponsored by the Russian Orthodox University of St. John the Devine in Moscow) exploring social work competencies and integration of faith with practice. He continues to work with Dr. Ruslan Nadyuk to support the Institute for Social Work and Counselng - a training program for pastors and lay persons in local churches for working with families, orphans, and those with addictions.

Reports of first international conference on social work education competencies sponsored by the Russian Orthodox University and training by the Institute of Social Work and Counseling (Moscow) May, 2013 (PDF)

Presentation on ORU social work competencies at the first international social work conference at the Russian Orthodox University (Moscow) May 30, 2013 (PPT)

Syllabus for International Social Work taught May Module at RAI (Moscow) 2010

Resources for course in International Social Work taught at RAI (Moscow) 2010

NASW Ethics applied to the Broader Society

Scriptures addressing the Poor in the Old and New Testaments

USAID Report on Comparative Practices Addressing Vulnerable Groups in Europe and Eurasia

USAID Report on Promising Social Work Practices for CIS and Baltics

Discussion defining Charity and Justice

History of Professional Development of Social Work in Russia (PDF)

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